Ladies Japanese Toilet Pooping

All You Get To Eat Is My Shit!

Oh god, my plumbing hasn’t been working lately and I really have to take a crap… luckily, I know someone who can help me, and I won’t even have to pay him… that’s right, it’s you my lucky little toilet. I’m going to be using you from now on! And you’ll do it, because you’re just starving for any attention from me, willing to take whatever I’m willing to give to you… So c’mon, toilet slave, and eat my shit for days and days on end… and I’ll never use my plumbing again ? I make sure you have enough to eat… of my shit and my pee ?

Ueda Misaki Pooping

Ueda Misaki poops in front of a camera for the first time. Charming smiles, bewildered facial expressions and multiple-angle views, rare uncensored.

Aria’s Bloated Grunts, Plops, And Strains!!

Aria’s Back with another GRRRREAT collection Tony Tiger Style, full of Snap, Crackle and Plops!!! Damn all that is missing is the smell-o-vision on this one!! She was a little bloated and ready for some good evacuations in these Four Clips. This new Camera of hers is making one of my favorites even better than ever!!! You can almost feel the turds falling out her ass in this one!! That Juicy Ass of hers is just dropping em in this one!!