Lady Cant Hold In Pee

Mistress Roberta – Feet Worshipping And Pantyhose Scat

Mistress Roberta is back with more shit feeding sessions for her fans. She use more her toilet and feed him in different ways. Today she want to feed him and humiliate him while his cock is in chastity and she will shit in a used pantyhose. In the beginning she order her toilet to worship her feet, smell them, clean them, lick them and sniff them, then she love to have her pussy and ass worshipped. She wear a tight pair of spandex pants and her ass look gorgeous in them ! Slave become hard in his chastity just smelling, sniffing and licking her divine body. She humiliate him more and in the end she feed him through her pantyhose. The toilet must consume all her kaviar before she come back, as usually.

Eat Huge Shit My Slave

I have a task for you today my slave, to eat my huge shit, to drink my pee and clean my asshole and my toilet with your tongue! Bow down slave and serve your Goddess!

Pooping Long Snake On A Plate In My Kitchen

I poop on a plate in my kitchen. My poop is vey long (snake-like) and less hard (type 4 Bristol chart). I show you my asshole after I poop while I lay on my back. Then I make a close-up of my poop.

Special Dish

I always think to your food. :))))