Lady Shantal Pooping On Guys Oral

Lady Joice – Shits In His Mouth P2

The slave has the shit swallowed by Mistress Michelle, as already Lady Joice must go to the loo. She uses the toilet seat and takes time until the shit out of her asshole plops into the mouth of the toilet slave. Then he can chew. In between, he gets the piss out of the bowl poured into the mouth mixed with the shit. Bon Appetite.

Hot Toiletturd

A girl is doing a very long one into her toilet!!

The Best Slave’s View

I am your sky, your sun, your moon and your stars! Split up into my asshole and the divine soles of my feet like the firmament. Are and will be your one and only horizon, forever. And above all, awaits the manna that is about to descend into your filthy mouth …