Lady Shits In Mouth

Ass Licker Tongue Wmv

Are you ready АSS LICKER? Are you really ready to clean my asshole of every little bit of shit? First I will shit while you are cleaning my high heels. I will gag you with my shoes deep in your throw. And after I shit is your work. Prove to me you’re a toilet man worthy of the job of ass cleaner! And swallow my smelly diarrhea that fills your mouth!

Goodness Grace’s Farts Turned To More!!

Grace has been a fart machine lately!! You asked for it and she’s bringing the FUNK in more ways than one!! This one was supposed to be another routine fart set. She was feeling gassy around the house. Enjoy as she shakes that phat ass in her bedroom while in her tights. While trying to squeeze out some extra farts, She got that feeling – looks like these farts turned into a sudden shit!! She hurries into the bathroom and rushes to get out of those tights before finally dropping a few …… in the Pool!!

Amirah Andrah Piss 02

This shooting was so long so Amirah and Nikki need to piss again…well the human toilet was still there…