Lady Shitting In Slow Motion

Lunch Time!!!

Today I am gonna take a shit on a plate and hope one of my fans gets to have it for lunch, could it be you???

Naughty Schoolgirl Cuts Class To Scat

Her math class is boring her to death so she excused herself from the room and headed out, with no plans of returning. She goes straight to her favorite public restroom, where she knows her favorite human toilet is waiting for her steaming drops of turd. She squats over the shithole and his open mouth. She unloads the day’s breakfast and lunch into his eager mouth and watches as he squishes her scat using his teeth and tongue.

Nasty Girlfriends Scatter Shit And Pee All Over My Bed! – Part 2

They do the 69 and shits in each other’s faces. They spread the foul-smelling feces on each other and then on the bedspread.