Lady Spreading Her Shit On

Feeding The Pathetic Loser

I come into the room wearing a short skirt and a crop top, looking uncomfortable because I need the toilet. I want to make you happy, so I had to use my toilet slave instead of you. I feel your hard cock ? Get ready, I’m going to fill your mouth and make you to eat your girlfriends smelly shit! Maybe eating my shitty asshole will help you to cum ?

I Love To Drink Piss

Waiting for the next turn – maaaaaan and nothing to drink here – so I piss into a bowl and make my own refreshment drink. One tastes piss horny.Kisses SuzanProduced by Suzan and Marc

Bella Peeing High Cut Satin Panties

Slim sexy socialite Bella Ink is hobbling home already clenching her sexy legs together and grabbing her crotch area when she’s confronted by a robber in her home! She’s so shocked she drops her purse & keys and is so terrified. She thinks it’s mistaken identity since she has no valuables in her house at all & is trying to plead with the robbers. She’s begging and BEGGING to use the bathroom as she’s wearing expensive high heels & high cut satin panties that she doesn’t want pee all over. Her legs are shaking uncontrollably as a strong pee stream is coming out of her pantied crotch & she’s horrified she couldn’t hold it! It’s splashing loudly on the tile underneath her & she’s almost crying in shame & fear. She ruined her very expensive heels & designer satin panties. The robbers realize they’re in the wrong house & run off. Super cute behind the scenes with Bella as we talk about the scene & she seduces you with her sexy pissy satin panties and we talk about how YELLOW the pee is!

How Many Girls Can One Toilet Slave Take Part 2

We train the Toilet Slave to better Performance by pushing him to his Limits. In Part 2, Chrystal poops into him and cleans him afterwards with the Toilet Brush. English Subtitles