Lady Takes Poo St

Mistress Gaia – My Double Treat

I have my slave waiting for me on the floor. He’s in heat and wants to play with himself. I ordered him to wait until I arrived. It’s nearly lunch time. So i’m going to give my slut a double treat. I said he could masturbate while I give him a good helping of scat. He is not allowed to cum until I give him permission. As I sit on top of my slut I get him to open his mouth nice and wide to recieve his delightful treat. What a good helping I give him, he almost chokes as my shit fills his mouth and covers his face. I then tell him he must continue to play with his cock, while I relax and use him as my footstool. I watch as he chews and swallows all my scat. Only when it is finished will he be allowed to cum. Such a lucky slave, getting a rare double treat from Mistress Gaia…

New 2017 Princess Miya.

The slave diligently licks her ass, and as a reward he receives a portion of urine and large amount of chocolate cake right from his Mistress’s ass. Bon appetit, sleazeball.

Diva Staxxx’s Wet N Wild!!

Enjoy Two Great new Clips from my favorite Chocolate BBW goddess!!! Ms Staxxx’s once again allows us in the bathroom with her as she unloads two FUNKY wet loads!!! Great overhead angles in each clip as you can really see hear heavy loads shoot out her ass and splack the bowl!!! That load got all over that big ole ass of hers – enjoy ass she has to scrub that FUNKY poop shooter immediately after the second load!! ENjoy as she showers and cleans herself in front the camera as well!! I am a booty lover if you haven’t noticed by the variety of ladies I keep on this site of all shapes and sizes and colors!! Staxxx’s is by far one of my favorites as she is personality personified in every clip!!! Another great pair to add to her collection!!

Knees And Shit Giant Sausage Pov

Kneeling on the toilet and shit a giant sausage,pretty close and you look from below the rosette can!!Open your mouth wide for the mega dose….