Laidies Pooping

Full-toilet Of Miss Jane

Miss Jane shits, pisses and spits in the slaves mouth. The loser has no choice, despite his disgust he swallows it all as best as he can. Finally, he is appointed as a studio toilet and has no right to refuse this service.

Wearing Jeans Piss In The Shower

He makes me want to pee and it very much !! I’ll do it in jeans in the shower!

Creamy Sauce Summer

Summer is coming, and now you will need to eat more light, no more heavy dishes. See how you prepare a creamy sauce summer.

First Naked Shitting, Than It Get Dirty

I stand naked in the tub, beautiful sight on my ass 🙂 Then I shit going on .. like a rabbit fall hard balls from my ass, but then, then comes the creamy part 🙂 and whoosh, I hold my hand topsy …. the rest: see for yourself it is dirty 🙂 2:04 min!