Latin Adultery Missypissy

Happy And Smeary

I really needed to poop after work and wanted to play a bit. Why not make my first smearing video? I actually enjoyed the warmth and creamy feeling of my poop. Definitely will do it again soon!

Open Wide

Didn’t take much for me to push this out and think about your mouth beneath my bottom ready to consume. So open wide for me and take my hot shitty load.

Giant Rubber Filled With Thick Turd

I have again crapped in a giant condom … a thick sausage!

Schoolgirls Episode: Treating The Caretaker Part 2

After the caretaker become inconcious in part one (you find it on, we continue kicking him this day.Miss Jane and me need to go to the toilet, but then decide to use the caretaker as our toilet. He eats our shit and as a drink he gets our morning pee. In his pain he fulfills all our wishes. That is the way to educate the personnel.