Latina Pooping In Spa

Shitting, Eating And Facesitting

I sat on my toilet slave’s face, started shitting, and he dropped it. Eat the toilet, I’ll stuff everything in, eat everything. Chokes, can’t breathe, swallows fast. I’ll help him with the whip. The flogging stimulates the process of taking a shit inside. Now let’s sit on his face with our ass. Swallow, I won’t get up until you eat everything. Now lick it. Ugh, your tongue and face are dirtier than my ass. Now your mouth looks like an ass, covered in shit.

Alexia Cage First Video

This is Alexia Cage, the famous Scat Pornstar, doing her first ever video, as an 18 y.o. Teenager! Unbelievable scenes!! + Bonus scene!

Carefull What You Wish For, Man-eaters Part 3 Diana

As it says in the Title, ‘Careful what you wish for, it may come true’ Maneaters Part 3 with Diana.The Girls invade a Hotelroom with a sleeping Client, figuring out, he’s drunk and sleeping and take full Advantage. And as they leave, they take all he has, with English Subtitles