Laura Crystal Pissoir

Two Shit Eater And A Sucker

Today I have a holiday, today I have two living toilet. They are ashamed to face each other. And even more ashamed to eat my shit right from the ass, looking into each other’s eyes. They’re embarrassed and jealous at the same time, chewing and swallowing my shit. They want more, they don’t want to share, they want to eat it alone. No wonder I trained my shit-eater to suck a strapon, today he will suck a real dick. He turned out to be a capable cocksucker, a real waffle. I’ll take care of his education, he’ll be a real sperm receiver.

Huge Turd Scat Handjob With Cumshot

So, it was a regular Day at home.My Boyfriend and me were chilling on the couch watching some Netflix.We sat there like the whole day and it kinda got boring for me.Then, at some point i felt that i need to go to toilet to take a shit (really hard).Half on the way, staying in the hallway i thought “hm, why i dont do my boyfriend a pleasure”It got anyway boring and we didn’t do anything the whole day except watching TV and being lazy as fuck.Now heading to the Couch, especially his dick, it felt exciting and was such a fun to surprise him.Back in the living room, he was lying with his back on the couch. I sat myself on his lap and he reacted a bit confused saying “what are u doing? I wanna watch this.”I leaned over him and kissed him on the lips…We filmed the best and most excited part so u can watch us turning the lazy day in a hot and dirty adventure!have fun watching!Lots of love,LucyScat

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Shitty Lunch

Hey this is a lunch you dont wanna miss. Mistress Raw Desires invites you to have lunch with her.. Tune in as she drops a big turd on some fries and pisses on the toast and on the side she has some shit juice for you to drink…