Lave Forced To At Shit

Packed In Foil And Drowned With Piss

The slave skull is wrapped in foil. His face is exposed. Like a waterfall, the piss from the mistress’ grotto shoots directly into the greedy, open slave’s mouth. The head of the slave bathes in the warm piss. The foil is partially closed. The slave has to breathe the air impregnated with piss while the mistress treats the foil with her hands and feet on the slave’s face.

Constipation Efro In A Full Sexy Outfit

I’m wearing a very sexy outfit, showing off my ass in tight leggings, a g-string and heeled boots. ——————————————————-This is a classic video – I talk about how I haven’t pooped in a while (and the shit comes out hard and dense!!) I always get constipated and horny when I’m on my period, so it’s the perfect time for a sensual slow shit. ——————————————————I pose with my pants pulled down and shit for you! I check to see if it’s done by touching my dirty asshole and getting shit all over my finger. ——————————————————Afterwards I close-up on the beautiful dump, I even pick it up so I can feel how heavy it is and drop it into the toilet so you can watch it plop and flush away! ——————————————————I included me wiping three times and show off all the shit smeared on the toilet paper and throw them into the toilet and show you flushing action there as well

Peeing On Her Ass And Pussy

Peeing on her ass and pussy (JJ000434)


Ruslana is hot pooping in sexy orange panties!