Lave Forced To Eat Poop

Great Video!princess Mia And Toilet Slavery

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Nose Grind

I’ve been having the nastiest gas all day in class, in the gym and all throughout the mall. Even at home. And my asshole of a boyfriend thought it was hillarious. Even when I had an itch. So… What better place when you have an itch than your slaves nose?! I mean what are men for? To serve us, right?!? Haha. He thinks hes my boyfriend but no honey, youre my slave. I order him to lay down and straddle his face still in my clothes from class all day. Lower my cheeks right on his face and grind my ass right up against his nose. ahh that feels good. Doesn’t it honey?! Haha (PFFTTRRRTT). A bubbly blast rips right against his nose. Awhh, you dont like it?! Too bad, youre going to be down there until ALLL my gas goes away baby. Now, OPEN your MOUTH!! — farts do get wet and I do accidentally shit in his mouth toward the end, but it was non visible.

Full Body Of Godess Shit And Cumming

Godess want today to see a cumming from her slave. For that she put the slave in the bath tub and order him to wait until she will pee in his mouth and shit through her pink panties. With her huge shit flowing to his body, the toilet slave wash his body, smelling her panties and begun to stroke his cock until he cumm.

Shit In Hot Catsuit

In sexy catsuit it poops a lot hornier 😉