Lave Girl Pissed In

Scat Dance P2

The two slaves find it hard to eat the shit from the plate. While the ladies are sitting and take her breakfast in a normal way. Their slaves have to kneel and pick up the shit bit by bit from the plates which are standing on the floor. But then appears suddenly a new lady and shits a third portion of shit on the plate, more feed for the toilets slaves.

Mistress Gaia Open Your Mouth

In this beautiful pov, I’ll fix the appropriate tools to make you to keep your mouth open. I want that it remain wide open to do inside a lot of shit. And this time, woe to you if you do not eat it all!

‘hd’ ‘wetting Capri Jeans And Chucks’

I found some chucks that I wore in high school in the attic. I get into my capri jeans and put on the chucks and let go, flooding my jeans and shoes.