Lave Pic Boy Eat Shit

I Was Defeated 🙁

I was defeated 🙁 Today I was defeated, I am very displeased with myself! The first came to me Yana, she ate fish and kiwi, I felt the crunch of bones in my mouth. Yana poured a large amount of diarrhea into my mouth. When Yana started to shit, I took 4 big sips, but there was a lot of shit and it fell on the table. It is very difficult to keep liquid and warm diarrhea in the stomach and I immediately began to feel sick! I swallowed relatively quickly. Yana used me and left with pleasure. I hear the sound of the heels of the next girl, I don `t know who the next girl will be – Christina or Karina, but I’m already scared, because both Christina and Karina are very hard to swallow – Karina has a lot of it and it is hard and a little sweet, Christina almost always liquid and has terrible taste. Yana’s shit is also terribly difficult to swallow, but she was the first and I was empty. Karina came into the room with a smile and laughs – she is in anticipation of bliss, and with I am waiting for the next huge pile. I did my best! But at a certain point I was very beginning to feel sick and my throat refused to swallow. I used a stop word. Karina put the remnants of shit in my mouth and left. Then Christina entered the room. Despite the fact that I could not swallow, Christina made her urine drink and began to shit. I tried to start swallowing again, but when I felt the taste of her shit, I realized that today I was completely exhausted. Christina was unhappy, spat on my face and left. But most of all I was not satisfied with myself. I could not be a decent toilet for girls: (

Finger Licking Good!

As far as she’s concerned, you don’t really love yourself until you can learn to love the taste of your own juices! She demonstrates this by bending over and letting him thrust his finger up her bum! After finger fucking her real nice, he places his fingers in her mouth so she can taste. She licks his fingers clean off the sticky wetness from her asshole!

Underground Toilet Slave Part 4

This Movie was the first real cruel Movie we made. It smelled so bad and the Slave was dizzy after the 4th Girl and wanted out, but since he was tied up underneath and our Weight kept him in Place, I just kicked him in the Face and told him: ‘Shut up, You will finish this fucking Movie!’ After the Movie, he said, never again. But he is still here Part 4 with Valery. English Subtitles

Dianas Idea Of Shitting Part1

Both Ladies sitting and relaxing at the couch and look at the toiletslave who is lies on the ground and wait for the ladies if any lady has to shit, he will open his mouth and swallow all big bunches of the ladies. total toiletslavery 100%