Lave Poop Eating

Just Shit 5 Times! Shit Compilation No.1

Here you can see how I just shit and piss 5 times. My shit is sometimes hard, sometimes soft And that, standing on a staircase, squatting in a shower, in doggy style in a chair, and sitting on a commode chair! And once I shit and piss on a GoPro camera, which is right under my asshole, so that you have the feeling you are lying under my hot shitting asshole!

I Made My Teacher Eat My Shit! – Full Movie

I invited my teacher to my house and told him I need private lessons. Slimy bastard think he’s gonna get some…and I intend to give it to him! I made him lick my foot and smell my cunt! Then I commanded him to lie down and open his desperate mouth! I unloaded the pizza and coffee I had for lunch, right into his willing mouth! Disgusting piece of shit!

Seasoned Mistress Delivers Piss And Scat Into Slaves Mouth

She might look young and innocent but she is not innocent at all! She is well trained and is a seasoned mistress. She places a funnel into her slaves mouth to deliver her golden liquid payload before removing it to follow with the main course of squishy shit that is like chocolate moose!

Diarrhea In The Bathtub

Pee and diarrhea