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Real Toilet Domination From Mistress

If you want to be a toilet for Mistress, then you must have this video! Mistress Emily humiliate her slave and shit in his mouth. First slave must carefully to lick her asshole and entere his tongue deep into her anus, to relax her before feeding the slave. She sits down on the toilet and command the slave to open his mouth. Then shitting into a slave’s mouth with great pleasure. Look at his face, it is completely covered with delicious shit of Mistress Emily. You want to be in the slave’s place, isn’t it? Just watch how I use my toilet slave and enjoy.

Goddess Andreea Meal Preparing And Humiliation

Goddess Andreea had a custom request from a good fan of her. She must be hard domme and make a POV toilet story for her fan: to prepare his meal ! She was wearing high heels, and she must spitting in a glass, pissing in another glass, and make a shit on a plate to can serve him ! Enjoy your meal also, bon apetite !

Pissing Via Botlle

Princess Nikki uses a spezial botlle construction to piss in the mouth of her slaves!