Lebsian Girl Pooping


Ruslana is shitting hot in sport hose!

The Lesbian Scatblonde Part 2

Anastasia Radova, the famous blonde shitperformer from Russia in her 2nd Movie!She loves to smear and taste shit! Her own and other girls….

**special Menu** Scatology Restaurant Vol.1

**Vol.1**Welcome into the brand new world of the scatology eatery! The waitresses here don’t only serve the menu, they MAKE the menu! The clients eat their insides and also eat food out of their asses. The drinks served are pee and the topping on rice is normally sweet shit served freshly out of the waitresses assholes. PEE, SCAT, FARTING. We have it all! You will NOT see anything like this anywhere else. What a wonderful restaurant to visit. **MUST SEE**

Poop For User In Tupperbox

Man, this has now been grumbling in my stomach this morning, but I had to push away my shit because she was reserved .. and I was allowed to let it out only at home. Then it had to be quick, quickly brought ne Tupperware and not yet completely out of the slip, as you see I have shit going on … which I think you can, of course, in the end, in front of the camera ..