Leeping Girl Shit Her Self

Brazilian Fox 4

This is one of the older Brazilian Fox videos when she was younger. She starts off with a nice striptease, fingers her asshole, and finally takes a nice shit. She attempts to lick her own shit.

The Shit In The Tub

The mistress of your usual morning with a piece of shit. Today decided to shit filmed while in the bathtub for His faithful toilet slaves.It starts with a beautiful and abundant piss, to follow a giant shit, with the hole again right in the foreground, the Divine Mistress of crap …..Then the mistress wipes her ass with toilet paper that really gets dirty brown color, her toilet slave is ready to open his mouth to hold the toilet paper fouled by Mistress

Matilda’s Kitchen And Bathroom Scat Destruction. Part 1

Hello guys, I want to share with you one more superb video which we have done not so long time ago..My neighbor left his apartment to visit his mom in other city and left me keys from his apartment so I could watch and feed hif his fucking parrot.Well, when me and my GF saw this apartment we have shared the samethought to make video there, because light and environment was perfectthere, I hope my neighbor will never see this video and recognize his apartment especially his kitchen ? table where he eats and his bathroom where he bathes..This is great video full of passion and perverted things like lost of scat, pee and vomit.See for yourself..The length is over 40 minutes. first 12 minutes we were filming on our great new camera, then it stopped working and we continued filming on other cameras, however result is great.. see for yourself.Kisses,Matilda

Mistress Gaia Speed Pee

My slave today has really worked hard and has a tremendous thirst. I will piss in his mouth and he gobbles up large amounts of urine at an incredible speed! He was really thirsty my beast … I’m training really well: he knows he has to be fast and that his Mistress has no time to lose!To succeed in seeing the clips, I suggest you to get hold of VLC media player. Also visit my website Mistress Gaia…