Lelu Love Peeing

Secretary Poops For Boss!

During the middle of the day, this sweetheart is called into the boss’ office. She wonders why but she doesn’t question it! As soon as she is inside, she is seated on the couch and gets her tits pulled out of her top! Apparently, he is aroused and it is part of her job to quench his ravaging urges! So, she just lets him do what he pleases! Though, it doesn’t take long before he stops and orders her to take off her lower garments! After which, she is seated on top of the table and made to masturbate, so she begins rubbing her clit and then finger fucking her pussy! It doesn’t end there, the guy’s next order is have her defecate! Apparently, in this situation, he intends to quench his fetish for feces! So, without further ado, the lady poops on top of the table where she is told to! Since she is just made herself, she is unable to produce much, consequently not satisfying the man! As a result, he ends up finger fucking her asshole and pushes as much poop out of her butt as he can, only stopping upon complete satisfaction!

The Best Of Ladies Keeping It Funky!! Nothing But Assction!!

ome of the Best Scenes from Almost the Entire Ladies Keeping it Funky roster!! Nearly 45 minutes of ALL, NO FILTER action!! Each Girl was on their nastiest in these clips! This compilation is a collection of both old and new as classics from MS D, Lia Boo, Aria, Ms Jenkins, Billie Austin, Honey Brown, Renee, Mz Maria Dez, Francesca Gabriella, and our top seller Melissa. Also included are new clips from the Rookies Ms Andretti and Katherine and a brand new FUNKY post-Thanksgiving Dinner explosion from Lil Stink! Over a Dozen Women and more than a Dozen Scenes – THIS IS THE BEST CLIP EVER!!!

This Mushroom Smells Like Shit

Mistress Melissa has a very good idea. Are you tired of the usual flavors? Do you always eat the same things? Today I have a recipe that is just right for you. Walking through the woods, I found a wonderful bunch of mushrooms on which I made a large quantity of poop. Would you like to eat them now, completely covered by my shit?