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Mistress Roberta Beating Trampling And Shit Feeding

Mistress Roberta just relaxing today when her toilet arrived. She was wearing a blue catsuit and bra. She get a chocolate and begin to feed her toilet from her foot. After the first feeding she get a cane and begin to beat him everywhere. Mistress order her toilet to lay down on the floor and keep his mouth open wide to receive his second feeding for today ! She piss on him and shit on his mouth and new lips. At the end, she put a hose mask on his shit face and waiting for him to swallow the shitty dinner.

Fresh Baked Brownies For Christmas

I have a new slave visiting me, and it is time for him to enjoy the royal gifts from my ass. I have some brownies baking in my stomach, and it will be his Christmas meal.I facesit him, and give him a close encounter of his source of food, before I unleash the enema straight in his toilet mouth.After the enema, it is time for the brownies to come out, and I fill his pathetic toilet mouth full of them..ENjoy my Christmas baking!



Heikos 12 Hours Part2

Already at breakfast our slave Heiko is at our command, and waiting for being used for whatsoever.In this case he hits the spot with me and Marie. Precisely in the morning he has got my fullattention. I think it’s great that he wants to surrender himself to me for 12 hours. Therefore I provedhim in a special way. If he will manage this portion?