Lesbian Cat And Vomit Hazing

Cumshot On Face And Scat Play

A nice couple playing at home and the girlfriend love to be jizzed on her face at the end. Un the second part, a perverse lady know how to shit and play with her kaviar, using also some dildoes on her holes.

Kiss My Boots & Drink My Piss!

I walk my fat-ass slave on a leash to get him some much needed exercise. To show him his place in the pecking order I make him kiss my boots and spank his ass. All of the sudden I have to pee so I think to myself why not piss in a cup and make him drink it? He’s certainly thirsty after all that ‘exercise’ :)) My pee is dark and intense, I am sure he will enjoy it! I give him a few sips, walk him a bit more, some spanking, and then another sip until it’s all gone.

Mistress Roberta’ Breakfast In The Mirror-pov

Today i find the way so you can see on both sides how i prepare you the food in the morning for breakfast so i decided to shoot this video next to the mirror so you can see also the shit also the pee while i face you so first as always you will lick clean my ass hole and after you will be able to eat the delicious food i have prepared for you .

Portion Of Shit For Dinner

When I’m going to shit, my toilet slave wants to eat my shit for dinner. It’s nasty, but he loves it. I fill his mouth with shit and make him swallow it all. You are my personal toilet, it is your destiny, slut.