Lesbian Cat Piss Franch

Fetish Doll And Shit

I’ve been wanting to do a doll Fetish for a long time. They are so submissive and they will accept everything, and keep silent. My shit is so soft, it cracks and falls on the doll’s face. I imagine in this moment the face of a slave, your face! As I smear, I’ll start to feed, pushing my hands into his mouth. Still, scat is such a pleasure.

Mistress Gaia – Outdoors

While I’m taking a walk outdoors, I get a certain stimulus, I can only make use of nature to go to the bathroom 😉

Shitting Outdoor In The Forest

I walked in the forest. It was a good sunshine day! Birds sing a songs, butterflies fly. But I was very impatient and I very want to shit. Right here in the woods. I can not take it home. And fortunately I met a man in the woods and used it instead of a toilet. He was very excited from my sweet pretty ass. I said him: Do you want to be my toilet slave? The answer struck me. He said that he had been looking for such Mistress for a long time and he reviewed a bunch of my video clips. This day was the happiest for him. I filled the slave’s mouth in the woods. And then I took his face off the camera. Look at this pathetic piece of shit ))

Ariel Hanging Out Farting And Shiting

I’ve got nothing to do but work on my computer and up date clips! Yeah, right!!! Really cute Canadian Ariel hanging out in my PJ’s FARTING AND SHITTING! Just for you…..