Lesbian Classic Pissacm

Messy Socks And Sneakers

Smashing hot shit in wool socks,in sneakers,clean my dirty,messy socks and sneakers!

Sexy Nurse Orgasm And Poop

This is a sensual, masturbating, front-facing EFRO style clip. I am wearing my very tight, low-cut slutty nurse outfit and i’m desperate to poop. I’ve been needing it all day and i’ve finally got the chance to do it! But first, i’m going to take my tits out and play with them while you jerk your cock. I tell you to stroke your cock while I oil up my boobs and rub them. But before long, I know I can’t hold this poop in any longer. I slowly, sensually push it out until there’s a big pile of warm shit in front of me. It is a soft, long, thin strand of shit, at least a foot long, curling up into a spiral underneath me. I tell you how amazing it feels to finally have this out of me. In fact, the relief feels so good I want to cum. I begin playing with myself, telling you to stroke your cock while I stroke my pussy, I want us to cum together. After a minute or two of playing with my soaking wet pussy, I tell you to cum with me because i’m about to orgasm, still sitting in a pile of my own shit. It feels so good!

Creeping Neighbor – You’re Going To Get Everything That Comes Out Of My Ass

I’ve been suspecting that I had an overzealous admirer who has been breaking into My apartment and riffling to My personal items, even sucking on My dirty panties. Especially the ass crotch area, which I find wet. Realizing it must be someone in My building, I laid a trap which I knew no pervert would be able to resist.Once caught, I find out it is My next door neighbor. I proceed to teach him a lesson in ass loving!

Devasting Dildo And Pee

188.2 After whipping i decide to abuse my sissy with a very big wooden dildo named the Sceptre of Mistress Isabella, it was very hard to plunge it into my Carlotta’s ass! Because she is thirsty i pee into her mouth too! MP4