Lesbian Domina Trix Forced To Drink Piss

Eat My Creamy Shit

I tie slave’s hands behind his back and order him to kneel on the floor. I sit on a comfortable chair in front of him and make him smell, lick and worship my dirty feet. Then I tell my slave to lie on the floor and use his mouth as a personal toilet. And I take a large creamy shit in his mouth and make him chew and swallow every drop. I humiliate him verbally throughout the clip and remind him how lucky he is to serve such a beautiful goddess.

Christmas Shitty Massacre. Part 7

This is Christmas Shitty Massacre – top filthy video which includesall what you want to see in pervert video. And we promise – you willsee it all.We have invited our friend for Christmas preparations and asked her –take the camera we want to make a home video, but she never expectedthat we will begin to shit during the process:) You will hear herreaction… We must say – someday we will make all our videos withsubtitles – it is worthy of efforts IMHO. (write in comments to thevideo what you think about subtitles idea.)And when we have got our hands free we have done everything what wewere not able to do in previous videos and you will see all the dirtyactions in proper lovely angles.So what else? What you are going to see here? Enema, Anal, Toy play.Vomit. Scat (lots of it), shitty bags and lots lots of other things.It is real Christmas present to all lovers.Enjoy.

Watch And Follow My Commands!

Do you want to be my human toilet?? Than you have to watch and follow my instructions!!