Lesbian Domina Trix Piss

Shit On The Dick

Hey there again… Hope I can interest you in a naughty show… ? You’re allowed to watch, but you’re not allowed to touch! I reverse cowgirl on feet then knees on my realistic suction cup dildo, winking my pert little butthole above my cock-taking pussy from time to time to tease you ? Look how my plump big ass shits on that dick and shit slowly flows down your balls… Mmm, it’s so sexy, don’t you? I know your dick is hard and itchy in your pants ? I taunt you–I bet you enjoyed that, didn’t you? You like how dirty my ass? Do you wanna fuck my shitpile, babe? ? Go on, stick your dick in my shit, and fuck it…fuck it more intense. Come om, worm…

Stinky Farts And Shitting So Near-pov

I must so stinky and loud farting!! Ah then you can see so near in POV Position when the shit slowly comes on my rosette…..you can see the shit so near!! Come lick the stinky and shitty ass clean…..

Shit In The Trash

Ever had a desire to go to the bathroom and I pooped in my trash. Be very close to it as I did in Overknees you shit in the trash.