Lesbian Domination Vomit

Enjoy Shit In Mouth, Hook In Ass

My beauty, my Angela, with shit in all the holes, in my mouth, in my nose, in my ears. Inhales the scent of my shit. I forbid to swallow my shit, I want her to enjoy all the delights of taste and smell. Today we’re going to play. Hook in the ass, suspension, stay straight and steady, on your toes. Now don’t move, or I’ll burn your hair everywhere. Wax, fire and ice, mooing, moaning, but don’t swallow my shit! You’ll eat it later, more, much more.



The Sounds Of Water Sports – Splats, Pee,poop Sounds And Titties

I rub my ridiculously brown nipples and show them off while I poop n pee. You can’t see my poop but you can sure here it hit the water.. listen as my gassy ass lets go of slushy poop and streams of piss