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My Best Shits 8

It’s time to bring you all my greatest moments again, moments where I took massive and nasty shits right into my slave’s mouth! All these best scenes in one video without all the annoying dialog & story lines. Well, slaves do have to eat something, might as well eat my turds. What an honor and privilege it must be for lowly slaves to can say they were lucky enough to keep their mouths wide open under MY asshole when I take a shit. See my slave enjoying this massive honor of tasting & eating the turds directly from his Goddess Queen. Directly, warm and fresh from her asshole into his mouth. Including a massively nasty diarrhea scene into his mouth & over his face! Walking in and having a seat to give my slave a huge breakfast. Directly from my perfect Goddess asshole. Felt so good to push such a big & creamy load out & knowing my slave is getting something to eat at the same time – From Broken Toilet 32Quite possible the nastiest runny diarrhea I EVER had! My slave struggle keeping up drinking as it gushes out of my asshole into his mouth and all over his face – From Broken Toilet 33Taking a soft & creamy shit into a plate for my slave, Yes, sometimes it’s nice adding a little class and letting your slave dine on your shit from a plate – From Broken Toilet 34Giving my slave the ultimate gift for his birthday. The extremely exclusive opportunity to honor me by eating my huge stinking shit directly from my asshole on his birthday – From Broken Toilet 36Be sure to check my store for all my other clips! xoxo

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Carefull What You Wish For, Man-eaters Part 4 The Feeding

As it says in the Title, ‘Careful what you wish for, it may come true’ Maneaters Part 4.The Girls invade a Hotelroom with a sleeping Client, figuring out, he’s drunk and sleeping and take full Advantage. And as they leave, they take all he has, with English Subtitles