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He Is Pissing While She Gives Him A Handjob

He is pissing while she gives him a handjob

Huge Load In Kitchen

I had a huge urge to shit badly¬Ö.. Just enough time to grab the cam and start shooting as I run to the kitchen to shit hard on a plate. With such relief after some grunting and farting and giggles I finally relieved myself and ohhh did it feel so good!!

Ayanna’s Stink Floyd Diarrhea Bursts!!

Ayanna is back with a great new set!! Enjoy four explosive, sharty cases of the Bubbleguts! What has this woman been eating!! She brings it to you in multiple angles. Two nice front facing clips as she spreads wide to show it bursting out, then an overhead rearview angle, and finally a messy reverse Kanga Clip in the finale!She was making it rain out her ass in this one!!