Lesbian Eat Eachot Her Shit

Crazy Fart And Smelly Diarrhea From Alina

Today, the toilet slave was lucky, because this morning Alina very powerfully bombed his mouth. Powerful and smelly fart, along with smelly diarrhea fell into the mouth of a slave!

Mistress Annalise – Big Shit Dinner

I walked the slave around the room on a leash. He obediently obeyed my orders. He did not know that I made dinner for him. He took a plate and I shit there. Long fragrant shit came out of my ass hole. The slave must eat all my shit, otherwise it would be a month without my shit. I know that he likes to be my toilet and teased him, from which he got even more pleasure. Now, stupid slave, I’ll take you to the toilet – there’s your place, until tomorrow you’ll be there.

Poop On Red Chair!

I just got back from working out and of course, I have to poop. Watch me squat over my red chair and take a big shit and piss on it. Oh I also have the hiccups so you’ll have to pardon me…;)

Just Woke Up!

I just woke up from sleep and have to take a poo…even though I’m still sleepy I try to be all sexy for you in my long stockings as I empty my bowels 😉