Lesbian Eating Piss And Poop

Pissed And Shit On My Slave

Oh what a pressure i had! Luckily, there was a living toilet on hand that I could use to empty myself. At the beginning I pissed the slave on his horny cock and then he got the full load in his wide open mouth served. And the horny pig has swallowed everything. Must have been delicious.But there was also a dessert: fresh delicious caviar directly from the source. What a pleasure for my slave. He can not get enough of it and greedily slips everything into himself. And what does not go in his mouth is rubbed nicely by me on his body. What fun for me 🙂

The Effect Of Coffee

Here I am drinking coffee in the bathroom. Do you want to see the effect of this coffee? Watch this clip!

Monster Shit Sausage For The Slave Under The Toilet Chair! Part 1

Part 1: Here I have one of my toilet slaves, which was below the toilet chair and there had to sleep, a monster shit ausage, shitting in his mouth, in my morning, toileting! During the record-breaking shit sausage plopped into his mouth, I had to pee and also I pissed him doing well in his mouth. Thereafter, the slave had to eat completely the big shit sausage. He was then totally exhausted, had to almost throw up and was close to fainting! This perverse mouth shit and shit-eating video, you can see from 3 camera angles!

Bottom Line, We Shit You Eat Part 7

Girls uses Man