Lesbian Eating Shit And Vomit Spit

Swallow Yana’s Shit Was Very Difficult

Swallow Yana’s shit was very difficult. Two weeks I was on a business trip. Away from home, I missed my Mistresses a lot, and I really wanted to serve them as a toilet. When I returned, I called them and on the appointed day Mrs Christina, Yana and Karina invited me to their place. I was ready to kneel in front of them, listen their orders, receive slaps, swallow their spittles into my mouth, and I was ready to eat the shit of my Mistresses. The girls had not seen me for a long time, and they had well prepared. They gave me three portions of shit that I swallowed. The most difficult for me was crap of Mistress Yana. It was very hard to swallow her semi-fluid and very smelly diarrhea with vaginal discharge on the top. However, I coped with this.

Mistress Roberta – Fat Breakfast -pov

Today my toilet slave you will be very happy and full with the breakfast i am making for you is very creamy and tasty the shit and a bit of pee to follow, enjoy!

I Shit Pov In My Sexy Black Nylons

Oh come and see my sexy show in my very hot black Nylons,you see POV my ass and my rosette when the shit comes…..then i make you hot wizh my little foots and my black nylons!!you Love my big ass when i shit…….