Lesbian Facssitting And Farting

At Lake With Toilet Face P3

Mistress Michelle is a bit mad that the slave has not eaten her pile of shit yet. His mouth is with her shit. She just starts. The toilet slave has to run after her. With the pile of shit in the mouth. So he has to serve her and massage on knees the feet of Mistress Michelle. The braces are still on his nipples. She turns that off personally. The pain is great. The slave grimaces his face.

Special Shower For My Slave

My slave loves my pee and ashes, I passed him both in his useless face and ugly body.

A Double Dose Of Shit

What luck for the slave. Today he is allowed to eat his fill, because he gets the shit served by two mistresses. And fresh from the source!It starts with my girlfriend Contessa Calucci, who makes herself comfortable over the slave and places a really nice sausage on his face. Then it’s my turn. I put a really big portion of shit in his mouth. The sow can not swallow everything and must choke. But there is no mercy. What has gone wrong, I stuff him back in his mouth. And so it slides better, I piss him with a powerful beam in his toilet mouth.