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Shitting At The Public Park!

She is enjoying a peaceful day at the park when her stomach starts to grumble. Normally, she would run to the nearest restroom and take a dump in there, but right now, who gives a shit? She goes over to one of the bar swings and squats over the open space. Pee and shit burst forth from her tight asshole. She wipes herself with tissue and looks at the chunks of solid shit on the grass with satisfaction.

He Eats Piss, Shit, Puke For Pleasure! – Full Movie

He doesn’t need to do it. He just loves to eat whatever bodily fluids and wastes that comes out of the human body. No kidding. He makes his girl piss all over him and then she unloads a solid clump of shit right into his mouth! She draws up puke from her throat and blows it all over his body!

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HD 1280×720, time 14:24. Toilet slavery. Toiletman will drink all pee from VERONICA.