Lesbian Female Human Toilet

Poop And Cum On The Kitchen Stove

Poop and Cum on the kitchen stove

Nasty Scat Couple – Part 2

New day – new shit and new lusty experiments.This day we have decided to occupy bathroom completely and turn it into fucking shit hell. And you will see how we succeeded after watchingour new video.Shit is flying everywhere, mixed with vomit and piss. And in this dance of filth – scat couple is drowning in madnessof filthy sexual wishes. This day ship was everywhere – on the floor, on the wall, inside and outside our bodies. We fucked, we vomited, we have shitted like mad people.Watch our new filthy and extreme video and we hope you will have joy from it. Hope you will feel smell and the atmosphere we had while having this beautiful scat session.By the way we need feedback – how do you think – does our team need more men for our future scat sessions?Peace and LoveAstraСelestial teamP.S. no censorship in the video

Raining Piss!

She loves piss so much it’s not enough for her to drink other people’s urine – she needs people to pee on her as if she’s a human toilet. Fortunately, there is no shortage of men who will gladly take their cocks out and soak her in golden showers. Buried waist-down in soil and ropes criss-crossing her tits, she opens her mouth and enjoys the warm piss raining down all over her trapped body. She tries to drink as much piss as she can and encourages the men to pee some more.

Mistress Gaia Funnel Gag Pee

I dislike losers aren’t able to drink all my pee, without missing any drop… Actually I hate that kind of slaves. So I decide to use a funnel gag with you. The right item for the perfect situation. I really have to evacuate all my pee… and now I’m sure I’ll do it all the way in your mouth!!! To succeed in seeing the clips, I suggest you to get hold of VLC media player. Also visit my website Mistress Gaia.