Lesbian Forced Eat Poop Mistress

Lady Bella’s Shit Pig Part 1.

Sexy Black Mistress Lady Bella, prepares for a session with her sissy, tranny slave Sandy, by taking a huge dump and saving the shit for her pathetic toilet slave to consume later.The kinky and sadistic Lady Bella wants to transform her sissy slave into her Toilet Pig, and make the submissive cunt, oink and act like a pig, abuse and degrade the slut, and then make the Toilet Scum consume and smear all her shit that she has saved up over it’s fat disgusting sissified body.Part one, features Lady Bella verbally degrading her sissy slave, who acts like a pig and masturbates while oinking like a pig,the sexy Mistress spitting and blowing snot over the tranny sluts face and rock hard cock!!What follows in part two, has her disgusting pig covered in piles of Lady Bella’s shit and sucking and eating her turds !! very depraved.

Fitting Room Cushioned Seating Soaking And Wallpaper Pee Smear

I am in a small, private store with just a small fitting room and you won’t believe what they got there. The seating is cushioned with some kind of memory upholstery that feels great to sit on. This time, I unload my whole bladder into that cushion. No holding back. My whole body is shaking as I am basically sitting in the store, because the fitting room is so small. I soaked the cushion. It’s drenched in piss all the way. Then I take pee with my hand and apply it to the wallpaper there. Just when I think to myself, ‘I went too far, this is too naughty’ (I even lost some pussy juice on the cushion from the arousal) a girl outside comes towards the fitting room, shouting to the store owner ‘I think I am quickly going to try one on’. My heart stops!!! I try to sit on the cushion to hide the spot, put my legs together to hide my bare pussy and prepare for the girl to have a look into my fitting room to see if it’s empty. Then I hear her turn to the rack of clothes right outside the fitting room. She must have seen something else she likes. This was close. I need to get out. Just a quick re-wetting of that cushion, then I wring out my dress (my dress is totally wet at the back) as good as I can, put on my black leggings, put my coat on over the dress and smear some of the upholstery pee onto my crotch, just to take a little naughty reminder with me from this fitting room. I can never go back there, ever.

Pooping Our Panties Together

Jessy opens the door.Last night she was on a date wth her ‘daddy’. ‘Wow,good morning you are wearing the same dress from last night!What hapened?’ ‘I hate last night,I hate this guy,I hate everything about it!’..’Calm down honey,tell me everything’ when her unbelievable story begins.I don’t have a word to say.She jumps from the bed,starts taking off her dress when she says’Do you know what’I wanna destroy this dress!Because of last night’ I know what she means.’Jessy,Jessy wait meee! Let’s do it together pleaseee’ Standing close to each other,on her white dress while we push the poop together.We are pooping at the same time,filling our white panties.There is no such feeling!Admiring the smell,playing with each other hot bodies and smashing the poop from our panties on her white dress… breathtaking!!!!!!!!

Toilet Man Abuse In The Kitchen Part 1

Here we dragged the Slave in the Kitchen and did not let him get up, until he ate 7 Portions of Poop. Part 1 is Feet only! English Subtitles