Lesbian Forced To Vomit

Doggy Pee

A very special user request; To see me once in the doggy position. And of course, I like to fulfill these wishes. In this hot position I piss a decent load of natural for you. Are you the next one who would like to put under my warm ray, or even want to taste it? Well then just register with me.

Massive Diarrhea Incident

Juicy shit escaping from my savory ass right on the vase for flowers! Long shit filled almost the entire vase)) I hope you like this video!)

Unlucky Pig

One of my Pigs had the great honor to accompany Miss Jane and me on an excursion into nature. The loser failed completely, the trip was a disaster because of its inability. But we paid this back to this dirt dog. His mouth was abruptly declared as the toilet, he had to eat my shit and wash everything with pee by Miss Jane down only. Then we are alone moved on and had a nice day without this loser.

Balcony Decorated With Shit 🙂

Since I do have ‘shit’ shit on my balcony 🙂 brazenly a huge pile of it become, but look at me just to have fun ..