Lesbian Forces To Eat Shit

A Double Dose Of Shit

What luck for the slave. Today he is allowed to eat his fill, because he gets the shit served by two mistresses. And fresh from the source!It starts with Contessa Calucci, who makes herself comfortable over the slave and places a really nice sausage on his face. Then it’s the turn of Kinky Tina. She puts a really big portion of shit in his mouth. The sow can not swallow everything and must choke. But there is no mercy. What has gone wrong, she stuffs him back in his mouth. And so it slips better, pisses him still with a powerful beam in his toilet mouth.

A Heart With Lots Of Chocolate (full Hd)

Thinking of her faithful slave, Mistress Melissa decides to prepare a heart with lots of chocolate. He found an original way to express his thoughts, obviously being a slave wc. And who said that all the mistress are bad and

Watch Mummy In The Shower

Mummy has a special birthday gift for you – she will spend the whole day playing with you! Let’s start in the shower, where Mummy loves pissing and touching herself 😉

Shit In Eyes – Toilet In Bathtub Part2

Yesterday Mistress use the toilet slave for many kinky and bizarre things. In the first part, Godess adore to have her ass and pussy lips worshipped and she propose her slave to do that in bathtub. She had a nice red seethrough panty on her magnific ass and she make her slave sniff her pussy and smell her ass through panty. Then she deliver an enormous DiARRHEA in her panty and slave must catch her shitty from inside. She use toilet slave face as toilet paper and face and eyes of her slave were soon brown completelly. In part 2 of this video Godess will make her slave eat and chew her shitty diarrhea, wash his face with shower, obliged her toilet to wash her panty with soap and with his dirty mouth, and ordered him to lick her ass and pussy from behind. A very nice and clear 2 clips with Godess and her toilet.NEW !!! JUST RELEASED THE MIX VOLUME 13 in our other store : EATINGALLSHITFROMGODESS buy it now, because from now we will put in that store our mixes with movies from here. Today nr 14 also !!! this is the part 2 of the movie