Lesbian Girl Shitting In Face

Old Man Slave, Fed With Piss And Poop!

It is noon and this old man enclosed in his cage is freed for his lunch! However, he is not about to get a banquet! As a matter of fact, the dominatrix just puts a bowl on the floor and then pisses and defecates inside it! Once she is finished, she distances herself from her masterpiece and has the poor slave feast on it, only allowing him to stop when not a single drop remains inside it!

Pissing Torture

The beautiful Miss Samira has invented a new torture method. After filling with urine about a third of a bowl, she uses a funnel to collect the precious golden nectar in a plastic bottle… so as not to lose even a drop! Then, Miss Samira gives the bottle to her pathetic slave and orders him to drink all, while standing full weight on his stomach (ouch!). Do you think it’s easy to drink anything when a girl tramples your belly? Since the slave seems to be pretty picky, Miss Samira starts using other torture techniques (crushing, smothering, strangling) until, finally, the slave opens his mouth and Samira’s urine goes down, relentless, directly in his gullet!

Pooping In The Sink

My first sink pooping clip, and this was a stinky one! I sit my cute ass on the sink and shit out a soft, stinky poop. You get a close-up view of my butt as sweet shit comes out…