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From The Vault – Alpha’s Dropoff’s!!!

Enjoy another set of classic clips from one of the original FUNKY ladies!!! Alpha is a homegirl of mine I got to make a dozen or so clips three years ago. This is literally a girl I knew from around the way I got to make clips for the site when I started. Alpha was quite the voyeur, as she was already keen on making home videos of her sex exploits and sharing those with me!! I have HOURS of clips of her shitting, fucking, sucking, masturbating, lactating, YOU NAME IT!!! She was down to record as she already had a boyfriend that also enjoyed watching her on the toilet. This is a great set of clips I sold on my old site individually. Four Great clips all in one for my original toilet lovers!! Great grunts, plops and strains with a few little poots mixed in. She even showed it coming out in the 1st two clips – which was “too hot” for my old site, but tame in comparison to the content here on Scatshop! Alpha is literally one of my “Alpha” FUNKYladies! Before I could move on to porn stars you know like Sydnee Capri, it all started with girls from my own personal stash like Alpha!!

Jillian’s Upset Tummy Farts And Splashez!!

Jillian was really backed up! Enjoy as she finally finds some relief for her constipation. Enjoy as she rubs her belly to push out a few farts and pl0ps. Enjoy some loud grunting and straining and enjoy as she struggles on the pot with gurguling gut. I have a thing for watching pot bellied girls shimmy and shake as they go through their toilet business!! Another FUNKY clip from this BBW hottie!!

College Girl Roxy Shits On Camera First Time

College girl Roxy shits on camera first time