Lesbian Mega Piss

Lady Carmen Scat P1

Two slaves are lying on the ground and have opened their slave mouth. They are used by three Scatqueens as human toilets. First, all piss in the slave mouths. Then Lady Angie shits the one toilet slave into his mouth. Lady Carmen and Mistress Michelle are watching. Then the shit is eaten.

Lady Darlin Back With More Scat Feeding

Lady Darlin is back again, this time with another shit feeding session after a hard strapon fucking. Foot fetish and foot feeding also.

Somewhere In Summer – A Shitty Lesbian Love Story

Two sweet american teenagers in grass, summer is coming, and first time shitsex… what can be more kinky and horny….

Lil Stinks’ Grunts, Plops & Strains Weekly Adventures Continued!

Lil Stink is back with an all new collection of super hot clips!! Enjoy as she pees, poots, and even p00ps in a nice half dozen set. Enjoy the explosive action at work and at home. She once again opens up with that lovely rearview shot so you can see that sexy ass of her’s while she let’s rip!! Lil Stink is Def getting funkier and funkier each clip – enjoy as she takes the grunts, pl0ps and strains next level once again!!