Lesbian Pee Jeans Ass

Morning Turd Sniffing Toilet Paper And My Asshole Is Burning

I enter the bathroom cause I have the urge to poop. My asshole is full. A turd comes out slowly from my asshole, what a relief! I feel there could be more shit inside so I push again. I ate a lot of hot red pepper paste in the last 2 days and my asshole is burning a lot. You can see the pain on my face. There was also a lot of tiny pieces of hot red pepper stuck in my poop. I start wiping my ass, look at my dirty toilet papers and sniff them. Yuck! I take the camera to show you the inside of the toilet bowl, my dirty toilet paper and then show you my dirty asshole. I wipe my ass again, stand up and flush the toilet.

Robbery Turns Sour! – Full Movie

When she got back to her fancy apartment, she caught this novice robber rummaging through her stuff. Instead of turning him over to the police, she decides to punish him her own way! She makes him lie down on the floor and then she squats over his face, sans her panties. She slowly ejects shit from her asshole, right into his face! She pukes on him afterwards, filling his face with her filth!

Monica Shit & Pee In Potty

Monica at night wanted to shit and pee. I’m talking about that really want me to pee and heap, and I love my potty. You hear how I pee and shit. At the end of the show, showing you my ass and shit and piss in my potty.

Chrystal Invites Part 4

In Part 2 Girls tie the Slave up on the Stairs and start to poop into him one after another, then they clean his Face with a Mobb afterwards. Part 4 is with Gabi English Subtitles