Lesbian Pee Jeans

Suck And Lick My Shit

My slave is full schmuck and my toilet. Lick my ass, relax me, make me feel good, make me want to shit in your mouth. Eat my smelly shit, all the shit that fall into your mouth and lick, suck, ask for more. You’re dirty motherfucker. Lick my ass, lick my feet, lick my shit, there’s your place, my shit is your meal.

Mistress Gaia – Scat & Lunch

ENGLISH SPOKENI know you really enjoy watching my scat videos. So today I’m giving you a little treat, a quickie. I’m having lunch with a friend, and I need to make some room in my tummy. Nothing like getting rid of some air, get closer… my aroma is priceless. Also, having a shit makes one feel a little lighter. I decided to use my little platform to allow you to see my full silhouette in good light. As you can see, I’m not wearing very much. So I can quickly get my soiled panties off and let you smell them, and perhaps enjoy licking them. Time to loose some weight, I’m on my platform and enjoying the relief that my beautiful shit can bring. I hope you find my little treat appetizing. It allows me to make room for our next encounter. Enjoy!!

The Best Prix: My Shit

Now 29 minutes of submission, Kaviar, scat, merda, pissing, umiliation…… when nobody in Italy talk abouth scat… Vintage video by Mistress Isabella. Mp4

Long, Smooth Sausage Shitting In Hot High Heels

I have found my favorite high heels again and carried the same time to shit. The result was a long sausage …