Lesbian Peeing Compilation

Shit And Piss Stuffed Pussy Masturbation

Today i was horny and home alone.I needed to shit and to piss, so i decided i played with this beautiful mixture on my sweet pussy.my thoughts went crazy when i started to play with it.It was a good time alone, only with myself, my fillings and the camera.I couldnt stand it long – it was such a good feeling when i felt the orgasm is coming.The sweet soft shit mixed with my piss on and in my pussy felt so warm and great.The smell of my own shit gave me eventually a good orgasm!Have fun watching!Lot of Love,LucyScat

She Is Peeing In The Bathtub

She is peeing in the bathtub

Sleepover With Hot Chicks Turns Nasty! – Part 1

The girls display her perky tits and make her bend over so that everyone can see her smooth asshole! They try to make her try out the enema, but she’s too scared to do it!

Pooping In Glass Vase!

This is my first time pooping in a glass vase and I have to say it was more exciting than I thought! Watch me shit out a huge bouquet of stinky poop right into a glass vase 😉 So sexy…