Lesbian Piss Drinkoing

Crawl To Me And Eat Shit

Lie on the floor, loser. And crawl to me – under my feet, under my ass where your place. It’s time for your meal.. and you must be hungry! After all, I only feed you about every days regularly, don’t I? You must very willing to swallow my hot, delicious loads of shit! Get under your Mistress where you belong, under my sweet ass you don’t even deserve to see and take “care” of my purity for me. Keep your mouth wide open, I don’t care this smell – be always ready eat all my shit and it fall in your mouth and I want it falls down your throat! And you will swallow, and chew my shit until I say stop. Get out my TOILET. You are flopper…

I Begged My Mistress To Shit On My Face! – Part 3

She lets out a huge load of turd, right on my open mouth! I spread the disgusting sticky shit all over my face and the I lick her ass clean of shit.

Scat Cats – Please Let Me Eat Your Shit P1

This toilet slave has a hard time. The Scat Cats are especially nasty today. They kicks alternately in his balls until he is writhing and goes on his knees. This amuses both Scatqueens even more. Then he gets the feet of the Scat Cats stuffed into his mouth while he is whipped. Tortured and humiliated the toilet slave is now on the ground with an open mouth. Firstly the Scatqueen pisses in his throat, followed by a pile of shit. You can see the shit in his mouth already on the photo.