Lesbian Piss Pee Hairy

Pissed At The Chaste Slave

You can’t be chaste on your own, loser…? Then watch this clip and find out what I’ll do with disobedient slaves like you! We take the submissive chaste slave being right out of the dungeon and fix him at the stretching bank. Alektra gracefully climbs onto the bank and sits down with her nice booty right at the face of the slave. Of course this easily makes the slave horny in no time… but this is just the beginning! I also climb at the bank, put down my thong and pee right at the slave… and so much more…! *g*

P – Mw – Drink My Pee And Lick My Dirty Feet – Full – 02 – A – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 20:13. Weronika has good day. Her personal slave licking her dirty feet and drinking her liquids when she want to pee.

Mistress Gaia Too Heavy

Then, shit slave… always you tell me that you can eat a lot of shit, right? So today I will weigh my shit to make you understand how much you will eat? Are you curious to know how much it weighs, human latrine? Then immediately buy this video and get ready to eat really a lot, my personal toilet!

Drinking And Gargling The Piss Of The Lady

Even the other two slaves must go through the golden shower of Lady Atropa. She is not only showering their bodies and faces, she is pissing into their chops.. She named them disgusting toilette pigs and spits on each of them…but that is not enough. Finally both of them need to lick the piss from the ground floor with their tongues…