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Mistress Roberta -latex Glove Full Of Shit As Breakfast Starter -pov

Today i have another surprise for you my toilet slave after i pee and poop of course i will take a latex glove fill it with shit and this will be the starter on your breakfast only after you suck clean the glove you will be able to eat the shit so hurry up !

My Friend Merry Has Proved To Be A Dominatrix

Has been shown that my girlfriend Merry is very versatile bitch.Today showed that it is very dominant and completely subordinating me for her pleasure.I was surprised at how it the dominant role natural for her.I had to drink her piss from her pussy and swallow the shit right out of her ass…Then he pulled out a dildo and started to fuck it up cunt.Suddenly she gave it to my mouth and made me vomit.Today I had to drink piss, shit eating and even swallow vomit. It was interesting and surprising afternoon.

I Really Need Pee So This Bitch Peed On My Face

I have this deep fetish for pee but I refuse to drink my own. I ask bitches for supply, like this one right here. She is more than willing to give me a fresh cup so I take the plastic cup in my mouth and makes her give it all to me. She pulls down her panties and squats over my face. She lets out a warm burst of pee, pouring it on the plastic cup. I took it all on and I swallow it gratefully. She drinks more water afterwards so she can give me a second batch.