Lesbian Piss Shit And Puke

Lady Yana Crapped In My Mouth With A Sweet Diarrhea

Lady Yana crapped in my mouth with a sweet diarrhea. Today I felt the taste of Yana’s shit. It was really sweet! I waited so long for this moment that I quickly and happily ate everything that her ass unloaded into my mouth.

Mean Mistress Trains New Scat Slave! – Part 1

Without further ado, she shits right into the girl’s face and makes her take it all in! She smears the sticky shit all over the girl’s face and hair! To finish it off, she makes the girl lick her soiled asshole clean!


Hot lot of long turds!

On A Chicken Bone Pile Shitting User Request

Yes, something gives also 🙂 Only eat the chicken and then poop on the leftovers 🙂 See how I a fat, creamy sausage on the bone pile of shit 🙂 Close-up included.