Lesbian Piss Showerbath

Mistress Roberta – Caning And Feeding My Pot – Full

Today my pot is dareing too much he feels like is ok to ask but do nothing in return so i punish him for asking some of my water takeing the cane and give him some educational pain all over his body, on the palms, inner tights, every sensitive place i know will be hit by my cane. While i sit on his face i told him he haves to breath only when i alow him and after i pee on his face and after i shit directly in his mouth i wipe my ass and shove all the shit and the wipeing paper in his mouth and he pushes them out so i order to him to smear his face with the shit and i start to humiliate him because he always waist my shit.

The Queen To Slavery, Pee

Slavery was lying on the ground of toilet, the queen to urinate on the slave.


While driving home, I stopped to shit a hard turd and had a piss on the road!