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Your Mouth Is A Toilet For Me

So, my toilet slut is lying on the floor and kisses my feet, licks my shoes after the walk. Today you’ll have to lick my ass while I do not want to use the toilet. Lick softer, only lick, without touch, working with your tongue. Open your mouth and swallow my creamy shit. Lick my shitty ass faster. I know you like it..

Student Gushes On Teacher As She Cums!

She is aware that her grades are slipping so she talks to her science prof for a way to make extra credit on his subject. He agrees, on one condition: she has to sit on his face and let him eat her cunt! Knowing she really has no choice, she lifts her skirt and sits on teacher’s face, rubbing her pussy on his nose. After inhaling her secret scent, he makes her take off her panties so he can eat her cunt. This he does until she manages to pee all over his face, showering him with glorious golden urine.

Giantess Mistress Gaia

Dwarf, microbe, tiny to be insignificant … you watch your Giantess while towering above you before literally engulf you with its mountain of shit. Starts to shake, you can’t longer escape. You will be buried alive under an avalanche of giant shit!!!

Fat Chocolate Sausage

I love this thick sausages in it with many balls. You can feel every single ball